AMA Audio was founded in 2015 by three recording engineers, eager to change the way people consume their audio content.


Regular earphones are great for listening to audio, but they also impair the listener's ability to hear exterior sounds, reducing their situational awareness. In some circumstances, a reduced situational awareness has the potential to be dangerous, like when driving a car or riding a bike, as you need to be aware of the traffic around you. In many American states it is actually illegal to wear earphones while operating a vehicle.

To solve this problem, AMA Audio set out to produce a safe way to consume audio content, but without losing the privacy that comes with using earphones. That's why AMA Audio released BonELF X Ear-Free Headphones.

Using bone conduction technology, BonELF X Ear-Free Headphones, enables users to enjoy their audio, privately, but without covering their ear canals. So you can listen to music, or take a phone call, and still hear the world around you.  


Keep your ears open, as more designs and products from AMA Audio are coming soon.